Enchanting Getaways: Charming Resorts in Lonavala

Nestled in the lush Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra, Lonavala is a serene and picturesque hill station that offers a perfect escape from the chaos of city life. Known for its natural beauty, pleasant weather, and proximity to Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala has become a popular vacation spot for travelers seeking a tranquil retreat.

While there are plenty of accommodation options in Lonavala, some of the most enchanting ones are its charming resorts. These resorts offer not just luxurious amenities and services but also an experience like no other. From breathtaking views to impeccable hospitality, here are some of the most charming best resorts in lonavala for couples that will make your getaway truly memorable.

The Machan: This eco-friendly luxury resort is nestled amidst 25 acres of private forest land and offers one-of-a-kind accommodation options – treehouses! Wake up to the chirping birds and fresh mountain air as you indulge in a luxurious stay among nature. Each treehouse comes with modern amenities such as an open-air bathtub, private balcony with stunning views, and room service so you can simply relax and unwind.

Aamby Valley City: Located on the outskirts of Lonavala is Aamby Valley City – an oasis offering guests an unforgettable experience. Spread over 10,000 acres with picturesque landscapes including lakes, forests, hillsides – Aamby Valley boasts top-notch facilities such as lavish villas with private pools or garden sit-outs to indulge in ultimate luxury. And if that’s not enough to enchant you – they also offer various adventure activities like zip-lining and ATV rides!

Della Adventure Resorts: For those looking for some thrill along with their getaway will love Della Adventure Resorts located just outside Lonavala city limits. This unique resort combines thrilling adventures (like bungee-jumping!) with state-of-the-art accommodations including elegantly designed tents nestled amidst lush greenery providing panoramic views all around.

Fariyas Resort: A breathtaking hillside resort, Fariyas offers guests a blend of luxury and tranquility. Its colonial-style architecture seamlessly blends with modern amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, games room making it an ideal getaway for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate. With its lush green lawns and tranquil natural surroundings, this charming resort is perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape.

The Dukes Retreat: For those wanting to be pampered in luxury while surrounded by nature – The Dukes Retreat is the perfect choice. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the scenic Western Ghats – you can revel in mesmerizing views from your private balcony while sipping your morning tea. This family-friendly resort boasts an array of amenities including multiple dining options, kids area with fun activities, gymnasium and more making it an ideal destination for families seeking adventure and relaxation.

With its serene charm and enchanting resorts like these – Lonavala will bring out the wanderlust in even the most seasoned travelers. So pack your bags and get ready to lose yourself amidst nature at one of these charming resorts in Lonavala!